2 Simple-to-Implement Checklists to Use in Your Influencer Marketing Planning

Influencer marketing is a well-known, and perhaps, mature channel for many content marketers.

Unfortunately, though, a significant swath of marketers is not leveraging influencers in the marketing mix. This is ill-advised because studies show that every dollar invested in influencer marketing returns $6.50 in value.

Studies show that every dollar invested in #influencermarketing returns $6.50 via @TomosonReviews.
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For many marketers who use influencer marketing there seems to be a gap in understanding of what influencer marketing constitutes. Some believe it is a roundup post featuring industry experts and their insights. Others believe it’s an all-encompassing marketing strategy with a refined goal and many prudent tactics.

Which is it? It can be all of them at the same time. However, which path a marketer chooses can have a significant impact on marketing metrics, and, ultimately, the bottom line.

In this post, I help you make sense of two influencer marketing tactics – the roundup blog post and the influencer-authored blog post. They’re based on my case study of NewPro Containers, which featured influencer marketing as its marketing strategy (not a one-off tactic) and tracked its performance all the way to see a 35% increase in year-over-year revenue in 2017.

#InfluencerMarketing strategy led to 35% increase in annual revenue, according to case study from @ChadPollitt.
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I’ve created simple-to-implement checklists to help in the execution of your owned media side of influencer marketing. They give the steps to use earned and paid media promotion, too. Using earned and paid media to promote influencer content helps influencers feel more confident in the value of their work. This added validation can keep them coming back to contribute more.

These checklists aren’t comprehensive to a full influencer marketing strategy; instead they cover two of the most valuable tactics:

The influencer roundup post is often the quickest win in the tactical quiver. It’s simple in concept: Feature the thoughts of several industry influencers in a blog post or some other form of content to drive earned media traffic and brand awareness. The steps listed in the checklist mirror the ones taken in the NewPro Container project, a shining example of what success looks like in a campaign. Following these steps will give you the best chance for success.