What We Do…

Hughes Media Group (HMG) was created for those who need assistance with applying the right creative solutions for their content, production and/or marketing strategies. This is a place for all creatives in the arts, science, technology and business world. HMG created a network of talented individuals in many trades that provide assistance, support, and training. Founded in 2011, HMG has produced content for many brands and companies in the New York City and New Jersey area for over the past 5 years. Staff with a creative roster, HMG can tackle solutions from product packaging to broadcasting live streams to various digital channels. HMG house an all-in-one solution to marketing campaigns, branding and production services for small business or corporations.


Company History

Founded by Shamel Hughes who is a Recording Engineer, Content Creator & Educator. Shamel has created his brand in the music industry as a recording engineer for over 10+ years working with various recording artists such as Busta Rhymes, Alicia Keys, Emeli Sande, H.E.R. and many more. He was the apprentice of Tommy Uzzo at Mirror Images Recorders in New York, NY and have grown through ranks of his crafts to mentor others in the arts. His talents in the recording arts and computer sciences allow him to work with companies such Monster Media, and Audible Inc. He is also an educator in the multimedia arts and has been an instructor at the Institute of Audio Research; the oldest audio school in the world for 8+ years.

Partner rolex replicas, join Hughes Media Group as a consultant in 2014. Bringing his expertise in construction and master carpentry; which allows HMG to provide smart home install and renovation services for residential or commercial locations. Rodwell has an intensive background in construction and was the project manager for some of the biggest constructed condos buildings with 150 plus units in the Borough of Brooklyn, NY. Rodwell; also, an entrepreneur, have experience with launching brands and running the day to day operations.